Looking for puzzle ideas for your next escape room game?

Escape Room

Looking for puzzle ideas for your next escape room game? Every escape room has some kind of puzzle. Some may be very simple, and others could be incredibly difficult. Check available escape room games on amazon.

Most importantly, they must get the players thinking and cooking up a plan to solve them. This article is dedicated to the many different puzzle types that have been used in escape rooms.

One of the most important things to remember while designing your escape room puzzle is that teamwork, communication and logic are the keys to solving it. Your puzzle should have a clear purpose and specific rules.

Puzzler Rooms

You can use this kind of puzzle for both escape and puzzler rooms. It is an excellent way to make the game more challenging. You have to ensure that the result of your puzzle is worth the time and effort spent on it. Most people tend to do things in a certain way. For example, most people will turn left instead of right when entering a room. When designing an escape game, you can use these actions as clues to solve some puzzles. The more you know about human nature, the better your players will be at finding solutions.


You can use that to test players’ communication and teamwork skills. You need to ensure the importance of good teamwork since you are designing a game for the group to have fun together. Find out more about panic room here.

Good Secret

There is nothing better than a good secret, and hiding it is one of the best ways to create interest for players. This rule can be applied no matter whether your room is an escape room or a puzzle.


If you want to keep puzzlers guessing, hide important objects in another room. Or, if you want to create even more interest, hide the hidden object in plain sight.


Some puzzles are easy to spot. But, some can be spotted at first glance. That is why you must make use of light and mirrors to hide your clue. Making use of other visual clues is another way to deceive the players. Escape rooms You can use the light from an escape room to hide and protect your puzzle. You can use this technique to create a full-blown puzzle in a small space.


You can use decorations as hints to help solve your puzzle. You can place a piece of furniture so that players will see a pattern, or you can place an important object on the table. This kind of hint is more commonly used in puzzle rooms.


This is one of the most common techniques used to create puzzles. Some puzzles can only be solved if players enter a room at a certain location. If you want players to get into that particular room, you need to make use of it.


With the above tips in mind, you should be able to design some puzzles that will work for your escape room. You can use these tips even if you are designing a puzzle board game for players. Just remember, good escape room games require a team effort.

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